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Where I Am From

Xuting Jiang

I am from a big country over a billion,

Different ethnic groups, different children.

“One-child policy” was strictly spoken;

Nothing was chosen.

I am from a small family of three,

Hand in hand we walked along the sea.

The word “kindness: was taught to me,

Forever Lasting.

I am from the city of happiness,

Mountains, hot springs are countless.

I am from the flavor of sweet and sour,

Where love, caring were consistently given.

I am from the fresh Spring,

Where streets were always green with Banyan trees.

I am from the rainy Summer,

Where the smell of Jasmine entertains neighbor’s laughter.

I am from the breezy Autumn,

People gather, appreciate the reunion, tasty mooncake.

I am from the sparkly Winter,

The season of New Year, family warmth, the natural heater.

I have traveled too far, too long from the place I once belonged,

But I have kept it all deeply inside my heart.

This is where I am from.

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