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Spanish Party
by Sage Larson

Culture & Diversity
by Samantha Severance

Finding Catholicism in China
by Susan Fiser

From Sand to Snow: Reflection on January
by Renata Molinari Borges da Costa

A Tiny Light Penetrates Through the Thickest Darkness 
by Haroon Al Hayder

India Did Not Change My Life
by Courtney Backen

The Power of Language
by Mari Aibara

Vietnam and Norway: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
by Joshua Dauner

How Nudity Is Portrayed:
A Comparison Between the U.S. and Finland

by Ekke Hyvönen

Stretching Time
by Minh Ngo

Japanese American Internment Camps
and the Story of Maseru Kawaguchi

by Joseph Bjornson

A New World Order: Ethnocentrism in International Politics
by Samuel Swanson

Unmasking the Stereotypes About America and Pakistan
by Narmeen Hashim

It's a Big World. Don't Forget Your Toothbrush.
by Jonathan Fondell

by Sara de Maria

Gender and Relationships: Reflecting on Experiences in Asia
Christoffer Birch-Jensen & Matt Gantz

Traditional Culture is Fading
by Bingwei Li

The Tijuana Diaries
by High Impact Leadership Trip Members

Perception of Palestinian Rights in Israel and the West Bank
by David Adamson

Who Am I?
by Xufeng Zhu

Hipsternomics: An Economic Discussion on the Hipster Movement 
by Jacob Amos

100% Me
by Ayah Kamel

A Social Exclusion Issue: Gender Inequality in the
South African Workplace

by Miranda Markland

Diversity and Prejudice: Exploring an Uncomfortable Truth
by Nutifafa Doe Yakor

Staying Green
by Rebecca Ram

by Dawit Alemayehu

Quiet Leadership
by Josiah O. Adetola

Vietnam: Two Years of Civil War in Vietnam
by Stewart Herman

Changing Perspectives: Cobber Cross Cultural Testimonies

Democracy: Practice What You Preach
by Sudhir Selvaraj

Cultural Relativism: What Everyone Should Know
by Ahmed M'Bareck

A Scottish Scientist Looks at His Keyboard...
by Dr. Graeme R. A. Wyllie

Concordia Liberal Arts: My Experience
by Faraja Kimetuu Kurubai

Education for a Purpose: Self Revealed in a Look Back in Time

by Dr. Zacharie Nzepa Petnkeu

Relating to "the Other"
by Dr. Mona Ibrahi

Learning to See Through Their Eyes
by Kelly Pflaum

Traveler's Bookshelf

When Your Identity Seems Like a Seesaw
by Ellen-Marie Pederson

Gardening In India

by Jenna Scarbrough

Where Wine Is Cheaper Than Water

by Lauren Wilson

Traditional Language Is Fading

by Min Wang

Privilege, Poverty, and Mango Juice

by Andrea Bonneville

Welcome To Minnesota Nice

by Baptiste Aufrere

Are You Sure?

by Natalie Dulka

A Swallow of Diversity

by MacKenzie Nies

The American Holocaust

by Caitlan Hinton

Choosing a Job:
Chinese and American Considerations

by Hao Han

Socio-Cultural Responsibility in Contemporary Literature and Art

by Austin Gerth

The Economist's Armchair:
A Discussion of American Exceptionalism

by Jacob Amos

Will Civilizations Clash?

by Samuel Swanson

Respect the Right of Freedom of Speech

by Palwasha Quasim

We Are All Responsible for Peace

by Howard Mukanda

Her Hands

by Maria Sturtz

Pat's Travels

by Pat Ross

Lost in Florence: Communicating Beyond Language Barriers

by Kelly Pflaum

The Violation of a Social Norm

by Aaliyah Mohamed

Creative Compassion, Heroic Children,
and Irish Travelers
in Sheridan's
Into the West

by Dr. Dawn Duncan

Some Things Cannot Be Taught, Only Experienced

by Stephanie Brolsma

Invalidation of African Countries' Independence:
Cunning and Credulity

by Dr. Zacharie Nzepa Petnkeu

A Venetian Victory

by Matthew Gantz


by Dr. Edward Schoml

The Moment I Met Nathan: Adopting from China

by Matthew Bergquist

A Touch of Europe: Intercultural Travel Through Blind Eyes

by Dr. Shawn Carruth and Dr. Roy Hammerling

The Jebeliya: Reflections on Development

by Stewart Herman

A Little Taste of My Extraordinary Experiences in the U.S.

by David Velich

A Simple Gift of Touch

by Emily Gilsrud

Third World, Not Second Class!

by Sureshi Jayawardene

Human Rights for All: Tunsia, Egypt, Next?

by Ayah Kamel

The Last Crane Game

by Vincent Reusch

The Art of Good Travel

by Marisa Jackels

Céad Míle Fáilte

by Caroline Grealish

Standing in the Presence of a Hindu Goddess

by Tammy S. J. Lanaghan

Sex Slaves for Kolkata

by Melanie Thompson

Ukrainian Heart in America

by Oksana Bihu

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