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A Little Yellow Bird

Wanli Huang

My name is Wanli, 

a little yellow bird

with a sweet voice. 

This is my father's wish - 

My daughter should be a singer. 

But my voice isn't sweet, 

it is loud and sharp. 

I don't want to become a singer, 

but I love singing. 

Although I'm not

a yellow bird

with a sweet voice, 

I am

a yellow bird

with wings. 

I fly

out of my hometown

to the heart of China, 


to the western-most China, 


to the southern most-China, 

Hongkong and Mareau;

to the country

across the ocean, 

The U.S.

Yes, I'm 

a yellow bird

with wings, 

but I miss my home

I want to fly


To see

the most beautiful Chinese red

in the Chinese new year, red


To be kissed by the great Chinese food, 

every meal, 


To be hugged 

by the familiar crowds

of people


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