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My Days on the Stage

Tatyana Tyobova

I was only nine

when I began to perform. 

I sang songs and did dance, 

read poems at the school stage. 

I stood at the end

of the school line at gym class

but had the best score

in the rest of the subjects. 

I had to be courageous.

My songs had no music, 

just my own voice.

But I was successful. 

I liked to dance also, 

enjoying the music and wearing the costumes as well.

I'm so sad we have no photos of this. 

I only have photos of my sons dancing. 

When I was eleven and 

could use the tramway, 

I went to the Palace

for children; we had one. 

The Kids' Palace had many clubs.

"You go for sewing,"

But I chose another. 

I wanted to be an actress. 

You do not believe me?

My choice was

the puppet theatre. 

I wanted to perform as another creature. 

Sometimes it was a very unusual person. 

I want you to know

the difficulty of performance.

Sometimes it took eight months.

We had to rehearse every day. 

The team of the actors, 

no matter their ages, 

worked as a unit

for the main idea

of the spectacle. 

We must have

the perfect performance

at the finish. 

And we must be ready to show

the applauding audience.

The children were happy, 

twice as happy as actors.

They actually were not adults. 

The impression from the stage

captures young souls forever.

Once you have the feeling of being an actor

you cannot forget it your whole life.

You cannot explain it. 

It's power of the art, 

and people will cry, be angry, and laugh. 

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