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Where I'm From!

Nashipay Kiria

I am from far away, 
I am from everyday bridges 
From a world whose geography 
My creator knows better than I


I am from many sources. 
From God the Father, 
Creator of Heaven and earth 
By His hands, He laid the path of existence


I am from a dark place 
With no lights, totally dark 
No stars, no moon, no sunshine 
My mother's womb


I am from my ancestors, a family tree. 
With many branches attached 
I am from a loud house 
With more than ten voices


From a beautiful country, breezed by oceans 
And diverse traditions like the colors of the rainbow

With mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife 
A place where the sweet songs of the birds 
Wake us up to the morning sun


I am from those moments of crying, 
Laughing, caring and sharing 
From the past, present, and the future 
From yesterday, today and tomorrow


From the hard work of tilling the land 
Or roaming the plains with the beasts of life 
From in between the towering peaks 
The rift valley; the land of the Maasai


The years may come and go 
The seasons may change 
And the new winds too may blow 
But I will always remain 

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